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Regeneration through movement & rhythm of muscles with Matrix Therapy

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BMS Matrix Therapy – from sports medicine to a global therapy application.

The body is a very complex and multifaceted system, so only researching it’s facts in isolation as with current medical science methodology, how can we treat very complex multifaceted problems?
Therefore, is it reasonable to completely ignore the dynamic control and support provided by the ECM, fascia and musculature?

BMS Matrix - a totally systematic approach

Regeneration through movement & rhythm of muscles with Matrix Therapy

Applying BMS Matrix therapy you can influence the whole cellular environment in relation to the cell – the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

This ECM space accounts for around 30% of your whole body volume, therefore it can be regarded as the largest bodily “Organ” however, it has largely been ignored and disregarded so consequently has insufficient importance and understanding within current therapies.

Our extracellular BMS matrix therapy optimises long-term overall bodily health, rather than masking a problem or only achieving a temporarily improved state as is often the case in other therapies.

BMS matrix therapy offers a new horizon in therapy practice with a totally systematic approach.

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BMS Matrix - a totally systematic approach

Matrix Therapy

Matrix Therapy

Regeneration through movement & rhythm of muscles with Matrix Therapy

Secretly developed in the 1960’s in what was then the DDR (East Germany) to enable their elite athletes to train more effectively, rehabilitate quicker, recover faster, perform better and ultimately win!

Today its therapeutic power is not just available to the worlds elite athletes, it’s now available to everyone.

BMS Matrix Therapy can effectively alleviate pain, increase strength along with flexibility and improve healing times.

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Video microscopy clearly demonstrates what can happen when an effective evidence based therapy
like BMS Matrix therapy is applied and how it can work to improve your microcirculation and overall health.

BMS Matrix Therapy Products

Medical Products
Leading the way in regeneration, regulation and repair with BMS Matrix Therapy applying the correct Rhythm back into the cells.
Extrazell products can help if you suffer from Arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, back pain, reduced mobility, MS, tension, stress, varicose veins, poor circulation, sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, general aches and pains, overall tiredness, the list is almost endless.

Veterinary / Equine Products
Alleviate pain, improve strength, flexibility, joint ROM, and aid in tissue healing via BMS Matrix Therapy.

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BMS Matrix Therapy Products

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About BMS & Matrix Therapy

About BMS & Matrix Therapy

The development of biomechanical stimulation treatment is based on continuous clinical studies as well as both scientific and academic research about the vital functions of the micro-circulation and Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) in conjunction with its relationship to the physiological rhythmic vibrations of human muscle cells. The BMS Matrix Therapy is applied via the specific Rhythm of the oscillating resonator head of the BMS device which imparts these correct frequencies back into the cells so the micro-circulation and ECM can function correctly.

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Extrazell Team

Guido Buchwald
1990 FIFA world cup champion
Football career
Dr. Med. Kurt Mosetter
Head of ZiT center and Myoreflex therapy
Dr. Med. Thomas Frölich
Medical advisor to TSG 1899 HOFFENHEIM German Bundesliga
Ethianum Heidelberg
Dr. Med. Bernhard Dickreiter
Specialist in rehabilitative medicine and internal medicine, natural healing
Academy for biological cell regulation medicine
Robert Erbeldinger
Qualified sports scientist & Managing director at thesportgroup with a 19-member scientific advisory council.
Hans Dieter Dreher
Olympic show jumper
Esther Weber Voigt
Equine Physiotherapist and Osteopath. Runs a movement assessment practice and teaching institute in Walldorf
Christel Auer Störck
Treatment of leisure horses to Olympic horses since 1994 - Benefiting from BMS Matrix Therapy since 2001
Michael Geitner

Probably the most famous horse trainer in Germany
Author of Be Strict!, Dual Activation, Equikinetic and EquiClassic-Work.


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